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Founded in 1951 in the rich educational tradition of the Christian Brothers, Palma School is an all-boys, Catholic, college preparatory institution located in the heart of the Salinas Valley.

For over 60 years Palma School has been committed to educating the young men in its community; however, Palma’s history really began over two centuries ago in Ireland, with the life of Christian Brother's founder Edmund Rice. A man gifted with a deep sense of empathy and a great passion for the power of education, Edmund Rice believed that dedication to academics as well as commitment to the compassionate care of others were the keys to success and happiness. 

200 years later and thousands of miles away, Palma School holds the simple mission of Blessed Edmund Rice close to its heart. We seek to educate the whole child, caring for him spiritually, intellectually, morally physically and socially, so that he may leave us committed to the pursuit of a lifelong education and with an ardent responsibility to himself, his community, and God.

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