The Palma ISOs are based on The Essential Elements of an Edmund Rice Christian Brother Education. Guided by this philosophy, Palma educates young men who take responsibility for:

    Spiritual/Moral:  living as individuals with a strong foundation in Christian values and beliefs. The Palma student:
    • Attends liturgical services and retreats with prayerfulness and respect.
    • Understands and respects Catholic beliefs, practices, and traditions.
    • Is mindful of daily participation in prayerful activities.
    • Considers and applies Christian values in his daily life.
    • Understands the inequities related to poverty.
    • Supports efforts that promote social justice.
    Intellectual: demonstrating an appreciation for learning in a changing world by thinking and acting critically, independently, creatively and collaboratively. The Palma student:
    • Analyzes and responds to problems and questions.
    • Develops and articulates thesis statements, arguments, and explanations.
    • Considers and evaluates multiple solutions.
    • Utilizes technology and resources to access, interpret, evaluate, and present information
    • Makes deliberate academic choices that lead to success in college and future careers.
    Physical: developing the knowledge to make healthful choices, to maximize skills for lifelong enjoyment of physical activity, and to master sportsmanship. The Palma student:
    • Has respect for the body as the temple of the spirit.
    • Embraces the value of fitness and physical development.
    • Understands a wide range of heath-related issues.  
    • Values sportsmanship by exhibiting respect for competitors on the playing field and peers in the classroom.
    Social: interacting with others effectively and in a manner that reflects the Christian values of respect, compassion, and service. The Palma student:
    • Develops constructive personal and professional relationships.
    • Displays appropriate behavior in school and in the community.
    • Shows respect for others through behavior and speech.
    • Remains goal oriented and open to the contributions of others when working in groups, and can skillfully resolve conflicts or disruptions.
    • Participates in and thoughtfully reflects on Christian service.
    • Demonstrates compassion for the poor and marginalized.