Principal's Welcome

For all of us, this atmosphere of highly successful college preparatory learning presents new beginnings . . . new changes . . . new horizons. 


With your help and support, it is my hope and prayer that we may honor the legacy that precedes me – a rich and storied history under the foundation of the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers and the most capable leadership of my predecessor, Brother Patrick Dunne, CFC, and so many other teachers, staff, volunteers, parents, alumni and benefactors.   

God has a way of closing and opening unanticipated doors for us, placing us in just the right places at the right times in our lives.  Our calling to this holy journey we call education is no exception.  It is no mistake that any of us is here.  Nor is there any mistake made by your investment in your son to be an important Chieftain in this school community.  Each of us has been chosen to be here. And each of us, in turn, chooses to sacrifice . . . to labor . . . to commit ourselves to the priority of educating young men for a world that so desperately needs their leadership.  Is there anything more important?  

Successful schools do not just happen; they are created.  Forged by the toils of highly committed teachers, staff, volunteer parents, participating students and a supportive community, schools can be positioned for great success.  Driven by a passion for learning, I believe in the wonders of education and the sanctity of people – especially here at Palma.  Schools are sanctuaries for thought and agents of change for our society.  There is tremendous need in our world for learning and leadership – and the young men of Palma are prepared and entrusted with such responsibility.  

So it is with this humility and gratitude in mind that I beseech you all to share our joy and energy as we commit ourselves to making Palma greater, stronger, and ever more successful.  Take some time to explore these various aspects of our school website.  We have a 60-year history here of many good and giving people with willing and gracious hearts.  I look forward to meeting you, working with you, even serving you in this holiest of endeavors we recognize as a Catholic education for young men at Palma.  Go Chieftains!            

Yours in Blessed Edmund Rice,  

David J. Sullivan