Palma provides for both its junior high school and high school students a challenging and innovative curriculum, designed to enable each student to achieve their highest potential as well as prepare them to be successful in a college environment.

At the junior high level, curriculum and the classroom experience focus on creating,or in most cases strengthening a basic foundation so that students will transition into the rigorous high school curriculum with comfort and ease. At the junior high level, students strengthen their critical thinking skills, and learn how to express their thoughts both through classroom discussion and writing projects. In math and science courses, teachers ensure that students will be ready for high school by building upon elementary concepts to challenge students as well reinforcing basic concepts.

High school curriculum seeks to develop critical thinking, advanced writing, and creative reasoning skills across all subject areas. High school students, in their course of study, will gain expertise in fundamental areas, as well as develop a sense of their own strengths and interests, a skill that is essential to success in college. Allstudents are expected work to their greatest potential, and challenge themselves as they select their courses. AP and Honors class are available to students who are qualified, and a wide variety of electives allow each student to explore and expand his interests.