We, the Theology teachers of Palma Junior High and High School, are committed to the evangelization and catechesis of our students in an environment of faith, inquiry and mutual respect.

The Theology Department at Palma is committed to promoting a love for and knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Catholic and non-Catholic students in grades seven through twelve work together to better understand and be challenged by a curriculum rich in scriptures, the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, Church history, moral growth, the sacraments, and an appreciation for other faith traditions.  Palma Theology challenges young men to grow spiritually/morally, intellectually, and socially in a Catholic environment that embraces the Essential Elements of an Edmund Rice Christian Brother Education. Theology at Palma aims to achieve the mission of the Church, integrating the message revealed by God (didache), fellowship in the life of the Holy Spirit (koinonia), and service (diakonia).


The yearlong course presents an overview of the person of Jesus Christ and the meaning of his mission, suffering, death and resurrection.  Students also learn a broad overview of the Bible, especially the story of Jesus and its significance to the lives of Christians.
PREREQUISITE: 7th grade standing.


This introductory course on church history helps students come to an appreciation of two concepts: history and church.  The class describes history as story rather than as mere chronology.  Church history describes how Christ has been and continues to be manifest through Christians in particular historical circumstances.
PREREQUISITE: 8th grade standing.