Graduation Requirements

240 High School Credits Required for Graduation:

Subject Credits
Social Studies 30
Science 30
Mathematics 30
English 40
Fine Arts 10
Foreign Language 20
Theology 40
Physical Education 20
Electives 20

Department Requirements

Department Credits Specifics
Social Studies 30 World History
U.S. History
Government – 1 semester
Economics – 1 semester
Science 30 To include:
and either Anatomy and Physiology, Biology AP, Chemistry AP, Physical Science, or Physics
Mathematics 30 To include:
Algebra I
Algebra II is recommended
English 40 To include:
English II
English III
English IV or World Literature AP
Fine Arts 10 All department courses meet graduation requirements
Foreign Language 20 A minimum of 2 years of the same foreign language
Theology 40 All department courses meet graduation requirements
Physical Education 20 All department courses meet graduation requirements

Additional Requirements

Standardized Testing Requirement
Required Exam: ACT (American College Testing)
Test score must be from ACT taken in June, September, October or December following completion of student’s junior year.

Community Service
60 hours of approved community service need to be completed by April 30th of student’s senior year.

Four-Year Projection of Course Offerings

Freshman Sophomores Juniors Seniors
Theology Theology Theology Theology
English I English II English III English IV
Mathematics Mathematics U.S. History Government/Econ
Science Science Science Elective
P.E. P.E./Driver’s Ed./Health Mathematics Elective
Foreign Language Foreign Language Fine Arts Elective
*World History-H  *World History    

*Students are required to take World History or World History-H during their sophomore year unless they completed World History-H during their freshman year.

Repeated Courses Policy

If a course that a student has passed is repeated, the student may not receive additional credit toward graduation. The second grade, along with the credit, will appear on the student’s transcript. The original course grade and credit will remain on the transcript and both courses will be computed in the student’s overall grade point average. However, the credit for the second course will not count towards the required credits needed to fulfill Palma’s high school or junior high school graduation requirement.

Off-Campus Courses Policy

The Palma Student Handbook states it is school policy that subjects available at Palma, should be taken at Palma. Permission to enroll in off-campus classes will not normally be given. Students wishing to take a course for credit, that is not available at Palma, must have the permission of the Academic Vice Principal, if the intention is to have the course appear on his high school transcript. The Concurrent Enrollment Form, available in the main office, must be completed prior to enrollment in any off-campus coursework.

Minimum Number of Courses Policy

Seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh grade students are required to take six classes extending from periods one through seven. Seniors are required to take a minimum of five classes.