Palma is proud to offer a well designed, diverse, and challenging curriculum that is intended to prepare students to excel across all disciplines.

Students are taught to think critically, communicate effectively, and to write powerfully. Our engaging faculty calls students to draw on their educational foundation in order to reach beyond minimum requirements, and truly challenge their hearts and minds. Palma combines classical liberal arts education with cutting edge technology to prepare our students to meet the variety of challenges they will face as university students and beyond. 

Our Focus

Palma encourages students to choose from a variety of curricular paths in order to best meet their individual abilities. However, all courses offered, no matter what curricular path, meet or exceed the admission requirements for both public and private universities nationwide, including the University of California. Every year it is our goal for 100% of our seniors to attend college. In order to meet this challenge in an increasingly competitive admission climate, Palma emphasizes a strong foundation in liberal arts and the sciences, while also offering a broad range of electives that cater to a young man’s creative and innovative nature.

Our Faculty

Palma’s faculty is comprised of highly skilled and devoted educators who are dedicated to continuing the mission Blessed Edmund Rice, and to the principals of spirituality, charity, and compassion that Edmund Rice extolled as an educator and as a man. Every faculty member understands the vital role they have in shaping the hearts and minds of each student, preparing them for the challenges they are sure to face as college students, and as global citizens. Our faculty is comprised of passionate educators who are experts in their fields of study. Students experience, in small class sizes, the difference that a captivating educator undoubtedly makes in their own passion for their studies as the individual attention and focus of a teacher allows each student to find success. 

AP and Honors Courses

Students are encouraged to challenge themselves in their course selection, and for those students who seek a more rigorous course of study, Palma offers Honors and AP classes in English, social studies, mathematics, science, and foreign language. Freshman and sophomore students are placed in honors courses based on their grades, test scores, and teacher recommendation. Upperclassmen who have participated in honors courses are permitted to elect their own advanced placement courses according to their academic performance and college goals. Palma offers over 20 honors courses and 10 advanced placement courses to its students.