Alumni Association

 Have you ever seen Palma Red & Gold in an unexpected place: a Palma hat in a crowded airport, a "P" car decal on the highway, or someone standing in an unexpected place wearing a Chieftain sweatshirt? If you have, a flood of memories might have popped into your mind; a mixture of excitement, loyalty, pride and an instant connection. It's an emotion that simply brings a smile to your face!

The red & gold thread is strong, reaches all around the world and knits together an alumni community of over 4,500 people. Get involved and join the Alumni Council today! (LINK to my email) 

Palma Alumni Council 

Our vision is to be a dynamic, member-focused organization, driven by the values of Blessed Edmund Rice, supporting the social, intellectual, spiritual, and philanthropic needs of all present and future Palma School alumni.

Excitement is brewing for the amount of good we can bring to our fellow alumni community through an organized association. The numerous possibilities include: 

  • Supporting our annual Palma Reunion Committees
  • Establishing a Grand Reunion Weekend every 5 years
  • Networking opportunities
  • Vacation opportunities
  • Service to the local needs of those less fortunate
  • Mentoring current students
  • Scholarship possibilities
  • Celebrating the accomplishments of our Alumni

It is a great time to be involved with Palma and see the exciting things that continue to happen at the school on a daily basis! Palma’s Alumni Association offers you a chance to reconnect and network with your fellow Alumni. The foundation has been laid for Palma’s Alumni Association, but we need your help! We are looking for enthusiastic alumni who would be willing to volunteer a little bit of their time to our Alumni Association or Council. There are vacant positions to be filled if you or another Palma graduate you know would be willing to serve. Please contact the Alumni Office at: if you are interested. 

We are excited to help, celebrate, and serve our current and future alumni in creative new ways, and we hope you are too! Please contact the Alumni Office at: if you are interested.

Palma Alumni Council

President: Chris Mulé '92

Vice President: Allen Hayes

Secretary: Aaron Thornton

Treasurer: Mario Tejeda

Decade Chairs:

  1950’s: Lynn Stewart ‘57

  1960’s: Jeff Pulford ‘65

  1970’s: David Ciolino ‘76

  1980’s: Carl Freese ‘88

  1990’s: Fred Avalli ‘93

  2000’s: Chris King ‘01

  2010’s: Open

Social Activities Chair: Joe Quinones ‘04

Alumni Reunion Weekend Chair: Open

Alumni Support/Annual Fund Chair: Tom Fanoe ‘64

Class Representatives (1-2 per class): Open Job description: Work with the Decade Chair to maintain communication with classmates on behalf of Palma. (1-3 times per year); Pass along new information to the Alumni Office & encourage class notes/photos for the alumni section of the Palma School Today magazine.