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  • Coast-Tel at Palma Since 1996

    Posted September 4

    No education is complete without learning how to handle and use money wisely. Coast-Tel Federal Credit Union and Palma have been partners since 1996. Coast-Tel provides on-campus service during lunch on Fridays to participating Palma students who learn how to save, spend, invest and borrow money wisely.

  • Palma Begins Tough Football Schedule This Week

    Posted September 2

    Beginning Friday, the Chieftains will face four consecutive section championships to start the season, five total. Every team on Palma High’s schedule reached the postseason in 2014. In addition to the five champions, two others made it to a section final.

  • '92 Palma Basketball in SV Hall of Fame

    Posted August 30

    The Palma 1992 Basketball Team was honored along with six other local athletes when they were inducted to the Salinas Valley Sports Hall of Fame on Saturday, August 29. The Chieftains became the first and only HS boys basketball team to date from Monterey County to win a state championship.

  • Jacob Fajnor Awarded Junior Lifeguard of the Year

    Posted August 27

    Palma Junior, Jacob Fajnor, was selected from a pool of 600 participants as the 2015 Santa Cruz California State Junior Lifeguard of the Year. During the award presentation, Jacob’s instructors commended him for his character, leadership and teamwork qualities, and incredible work ethic.

  • Recycling Program Earns Award

    Posted August 21

    Palma’s Action Leadership and Assistant Campus Minister, Mia Mirassou, received a $1,000 award called the “Wally-Waste-Not-Award” for recycling during the 2014-2015 school year. Presented by the Salinas Valley Recycle Board of Directors ...

Upcoming Events

Friday, September 4

Class Officer Elections: 7th & 9th Grades.

Water Polo Varsity @ Wilcox Tourn

@ Wilcox Tourn

P.M. Assembly Schedule

Varsity Water Polo -Wilcox Great 8 Tournament at (Wilcox High School)


Mass of the Holy Spirit.

8:15 AM
Bl. Edmund Rice Chapel.