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    Coast-Tel at Palma Since 1996

    Posted September 4, 2015

    No education is complete without learning how to handle and use money wisely. Coast-Tel Federal Credit Union and Palma have been partners since 1996. Coast-Tel provides on-campus service during lunch on Fridays to participating Palma students who learn how to save, spend, invest and borrow money wisely.

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    Palma Begins Tough Football Schedule This Week

    Posted September 2, 2015

    Beginning Friday, the Chieftains will face four consecutive section championships to start the season, five total. Every team on Palma High’s schedule reached the postseason in 2014. In addition to the five champions, two others made it to a section final.

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    '92 Palma Basketball in SV Hall of Fame

    Posted August 30, 2015

    The Palma 1992 Basketball Team was honored along with six other local athletes when they were inducted to the Salinas Valley Sports Hall of Fame on Saturday, August 29. The Chieftains became the first and only HS boys basketball team to date from Monterey County to win a state championship.

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    Jacob Fajnor Awarded Junior Lifeguard of the Year

    Posted August 27, 2015

    Palma Junior, Jacob Fajnor, was selected from a pool of 600 participants as the 2015 Santa Cruz California State Junior Lifeguard of the Year. During the award presentation, Jacob’s instructors commended him for his character, leadership and teamwork qualities, and incredible work ethic.

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    Recycling Program Earns Award

    Posted August 21, 2015

    Palma’s Action Leadership and Assistant Campus Minister, Mia Mirassou, received a $1,000 award called the “Wally-Waste-Not-Award” for recycling during the 2014-2015 school year. Presented by the Salinas Valley Recycle Board of Directors ...

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    7:30am Daily Mass at Palma

    Posted August 20, 2015

    A holy start to the school year is calling your name. All are welcome in our Blessed Edmund Rice Chapel at Palma School. Intensely grateful for the opportunity to learn, to teach, to begin again . . . Palma School: Knowledge, Service, Leadership!

  • Student Orientation Today!

    Posted August 20, 2015

    August 20 in MPB for ALL students, grades 7-12

    • 8:00am Seniors, Class 2016 – should be done by 9:00, or so
    • 9:00am Juniors, Class 2017 – should be done by 10:00, or so
    • 10:00am Sophomores , Class 2018 – should be done by 11:00, or so
    • 11:00am Frosh, Class 2019 – should be done by noon, or so
    • 12:00 noon Junior High: all 7th and 8th Grade Orientation in MPB – should be done by 1:00pm, or so

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    Coach Ross - Always Looks to the Positive in Life

    Posted July 5, 2015

    “Junior’s great strength in coaching was as a teacher,” he stated. “I never met anyone in football that was better at teaching techniques to youngsters.” He could teach advanced skills to running backs and defensive backs, but he also taught punting and kicking techniques, Costa said. “Much of our success at Palma can be attributed to his prowess as a coach.” “You could not ask for a better friend than Angelo,” Costa added. “We have been very close for over 60 years. Just think of the miles he traveled coaching at Palma. He averaged between 400 and 500 miles a week. It attests to his great loyalty.” In October of 2009, Ross was inducted into the Palma High School Athletic Hall of Fame as a coach.

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    Alumnus, Weston Green, Wins Emmy

    Posted June 24, 2015

    The Emmy, said Green, “Establishes that what we’re doing is working. We’re telling emotional stories that affect our audiences.” A 2008 San Francisco State University graduate with a B.A. degree in cinema and marketing, Green has worked his way up to his present position through several videography jobs. With a team of eight Green is working on new Web series and trying new things. He decided to try working in video after he finished college. “I noticed very early that no one was getting film jobs and everyone was doing online video,” he said. “I was able to see where video was going.” Increasingly, digital media companies are relying more on videos than writing to get a lot of page hits, Green said. While he misses Salinas, Green said he loves living in Brooklyn. “I forget how beautiful Salinas is,” he said, “but Brooklyn is very nice as well. I miss what we had back in Salinas. I miss that small town mentality. But it’s fun living in New York surrounded by really creative people.”

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    Palma Students Build Kites After Reading The Kite Runner

    Posted June 1, 2015

    Video: Nikhil Manimaran works to get a kite into the air as students from Mrs. Sarah DeSantis’s sophomore English class test out kites on the football field at Palma High School in Salinas on Monday. The students just finished reading The Kite Runner and were asked to build kites from scratch and fill them with symbols and quotes from the book. The students got extra credit if their kite flies.

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