CORE, taken from the Latin word meaning “heart” is a student run, faculty supervised orientation program aimed at incoming seventh graders and freshman.

In the beginning if each school year, students who are new to the seventh grade and freshman classes, participate in an extra day of orientation where they interact with CORE leaders. These leaders attempt to familiarize new students with not only the day-to-day operations of the school, but introduce them to the spirit of the Palma community, providing a model for successful transition into this dynamic and spirited student body.

The CORE leadership team is made up of a selective group of young men that represent through their accomplishments the very best in academics, athletics, and the arts, and are all active members of the Palma community. Each spring, faculty meets to nominate current sophomores and juniors that they believe embody the qualities essential to a good leader. Nominated students go through an application and selection process, and those who are chosen begin to train together for the following year’s activities.

In addition to a one-day, interactive orientation at the beginning of the year, CORE leaders meet periodically with new students throughout the year to check-in, offer advice and guidance, and continue to introduce new students to what it means to be a Chieftain. These leaders act as tour guides, mentors, and above all friends. Entering a community of over 500 young men can be an intimidating experience. CORE leaders work to dissipate any apprehension by immediately welcoming new students to campus, and by forming a liaison between new and current Chieftains.