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Liam McMillin: ASB President

2015 Liam McMillin

Liam McMillin

Liam McMillin is literally the big man on campus. Certainly, there is not a more qualified person to  the title of ASB President. He is a perfect role model on campus for both seventh graders, straining their necks to look up at him, and his peers, sitting next to him in the classroom. He is a reflection of what Palma is all about; knowledge, service, leadership, and brotherhood. Liam is definitely one of the busiest kids on campus. As a student-athlete, he finds a way to balance his 4.54 GPA, with being one of the stars of the football team. He works extremely hard in school, never ashamed to visit teachers for help, and it shows. Liam is determined and motivated to meet and exceed his goals, and as a result, is a top student at Palma. It is hard not to notice number three running out onto the field in the Palma sea of red. Fittingly named after William Wallace (Braveheart), it takes three or four people to take down the Palma football team’s go to man when he carries the ball, and his opponents on his back, across the field.

If that is not enough, he is also involved in a number of clubs. Clubs such as CORE, National Honor Society, Blessed Edmund Rice Society, Interact Club, and Mock Trial. He has been on not one, but two trips to Mexico to build houses for those in need. “I really enjoyed them,” he smiled, “it really made me feel grateful for everything I have.” Liam also tries his best to read at mass as frequently as he can.

All of Liam’s hard work is not just for show. He plans to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point and pursue a career in the military. “I have always wanted to serve for my country and I think West Point is the best opportunity I could possibly have.” One thing is for sure, he already looks like an officer, and with the amount of respect he has here at Palma, I’m sure he could convince us all to treat him like one too. After the military, he plans to follow his father’s footsteps and in retirement, become a police officer.

The leader that he is, he said that his favorite quality here at Palma is “the closeness of all the students.” The community here at our school is an inclusive one, and with him as our president, he has reminded us of the important atmosphere of Palma brotherhood and continues to encourage everyone to get involved in the Palma community. When I asked him what he wanted to take away from his experience here, he said, “I know it’s corny, but I want to establish friendships that will last for the rest of my life.” The last question I asked Liam was what the most important thing in his life was. He answered in one word, “family.” A perfect answer that reflects a perfect presidency.

Student Submission by: Jack Brusa

The Chieftain Times Nov 4, 2015