Impressive Minds, Impressive Moves


Palma School’s Summer Program

Session One
June 15-19 ($85 per course)

Session Two
June 22-26 ($85 per course)

Session Three
June 29-July 2 ($65 per course)

Join us for an exciting summer at Palma School! The campus at Palma will be transformed into a unique experience for boys and girls entering grades 4th through 12th. Most sessions run weekly, from 8:30-12:30. Choose two courses and enrich a child’s life. A list of the course offerings, sessions, fees and times is located on the backside of this document. Due to limited class sizes, we anticipate courses will fill quickly. Get your application in soon. An * next to a course indicates a lab fee has been included for extra materials.

Mission Statement
Palma School’s Summer Program will meet many student needs: enrichment, acceleration, review, and strengthening of skills. These courses and camps are designed to prepare participants socially, physically, and intellectually, as well as, promote self-confidence and respect for one another. The program inspires, challenges, and excites students as they discover their talents and/or build on existing ones. 

Impressive Minds: Academic enrichment courses
Impressive Moves: Challenging sports camps
Impressive Choices: See Course Offerings for classes and schedules.
Fees: Most classes are $85.00

How do I register for Impressive Minds, Impressive Moves?

Check back often for up-to-date and/or new courses added.

For additional information, please contact Sarah DeSantis at 831-320-4070 or by email. 

Traditional Academic Summer School
Additionally, Palma will continue to offer traditional academic summer school for enrichment and/or remediation. Classes are for students who would like a more in depth study of a course, need to make up credit, or would like to enhance their education. 

Summer School Courses include: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I/II Review, Geometry Review, Religious Studies Review, Freshman/Sophomore English Review, Junior/Senior English Review, Spanish 1/2/3 Review, Junior High English/Literature Review, and General Math Review.

More information can be found here.