Support Palma

Thank you for your interest in supporting Palma School and its mission.

63 years ago, Palma opened its doors to the young men and women of the Salinas Valley. Much has changed in the six decades since the first students arrived on campus. Palma has grown from its very first graduating class of just 23 students, to the 97 promising young men that received diplomas in 2014. Though Palma has gone through many changes over the decades, the mission with which this school was founded remains steadfast. Palma provides an academic environment rich in diversity and strong traditional values, combining Proven Academics, Positive Values, and Perpetual Pride to create the best possible learning environment for the young men of our community.

As a tuition driven school, Palma is not eligible for government or diocesan aid of any kind, and we rely on the generosity of those who recognize the special place this school has in the community. Whether it is through a gift to The Palma Fund, a donation of goods, services, or your own time, you will join a 63-year tradition of continuous support for the education of young men who represent the best our community has to offer in their intellectual curiosity, their commitment to education, and their compassion as individuals.
Blessed Edmund Rice was devoted to the education of young men like those who attend Palma, and along with the faculty, staff, and coaches, we in the Advancement Office are committed to providing the best environment possible to enhance each student’s educational experience, but we cannot do it alone, we are dependent on members of our community who understand that a donation is an investment in the future of each and every young man that passes through our doors.
If you have questions or would like further information about fundraising at Palma School, please feel free to contact me.


Best regards,

Tracy Jones
Advancement Director