The history of Palma, since 1951, is remarkable as the founders worked hard and long to realize their dream of Catholic secondary education in the Salinas Valley and surrounding areas. Opened as a co-instutional parish school for boys and girls, Palma grew quickly and in 1964, became an all-boys school under the direction of the Congregation of Christian Brothers. 
Today Palma is a thriving college-prep private school, grades 7-12, that prepares young men for college and beyond in the traditions of an Edmund Rice Christian Brother school. As such, Palma is committed to the Essential Elements of an Edmund Rice Christian Brother education, a roadmap to the Good News of Jesus Christ, proud of our Catholic Identity, committed to social justice, to a community of faith, to respect for each individual, and the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors. Palma graduates go on to colleges and universities throughout North America; Palma graduates typically are leaders in their professions as well as in their communities. 
Palma is sacred ground in that special things happen here on a regular basis. Palma students are, by nature, a competitive group made up of individuals who learn to thrive in meeting the challenges of competition in their academic endeavors in the classroom as well as on the athletic field and in a host of extra-curricular and co-curricular undertakings throughout all six grade levels. The young boy starting Palma leaves here at graduation as a well-rounded young man who is prepared to compete nicely at the next level and beyond.
As a Christian Brother, I am proud of Palma’s rich heritage as a Catholic school in the Diocese of Monterey; I am also excited about what is happening at Palma on a regular basis in working with our many families and their outstanding sons. 
Brother Patrick D. Dunne, C.F.C.
    • Brother Dunne enjoys lunch with students.

      Brother Dunne enjoys lunch with students.


As president, Br. Dunne oversees the daily operation of Palma School. The president/principal model allows Br. Dunne freedom to serve as the school’s first ambassador to parents, alumni and the community at large. He also serves as president of the board of directors, presiding over their quarterly meetings and numerous committees, and liaison with the Christian Brothers Institute of California.
Palma is a private, college-preparatory school for boys in grades 7 through 12 owned and operated by the Christian Brothers Institute of California. Palma School is dedicated to providing young men an excellent education in a Roman Catholic environment that embraces the Essential Elements of an Edmund Rice Christian Brother Education and challenges each individual to develop spiritually, intellectually, morally, physically, and socially.
919 Iverson Street . Salinas, CA 93901 . 831.422.6391

Palma School is a 501(c)3 corporation owned and operated by The Christian Brothers Institute of California.