Campus Ministry

Service Program

Students of every grade level are called to follow in the footsteps of Blessed Edmund Rice through our service program.
Opportunities for the entire Palma community to serve others are ever present and the response is typically enthusiastic, immediate and generous. Students are not only asked to participate in group service activities such as field gleaning with Ag Against Hunger or serving the homeless at Dorothy’s Place, but they are also encouraged to discover ways to give that are personally meaningful based on one’s own talents and gifts. 
Palma students are active throughout the community as advocates for peace and justice as tutors, coaches, and mentors, and the school enjoys a long-standing reputation for dedication to service. 

Student Quotes

“I get a good feeling about myself when I know that a family gets to have food on their table tonight because of my help. I feel proud that I have done something to help those in need, and it helps me to appreciate how fortunate I am. I never take for granted the food on my table.”
— Matt Alvarado ’11 (Monterey County Food Bank)

“My parents initially introduced me to this opportunity. They wanted me to get my required hours out of the way as soon as possible. Before I knew it, my six-month rotation and along with it the 60 required hours, were done, but I had no intention of leaving. I have had the chance to meet some very interesting people. Some of their stories I will always remember. It is not uncommon for people to wander into the shop, not needing to buy anything, but just looking for someone to listen to them in a difficult time. I feel privileged to be that person, to help at the hospital in any way I can.”
— Neil Lal ’10 (Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, Gift Shop)

“I’ve learned a lot about patience and a lot about responsibility. It feels good to be trusted with these kids and to be a positive influence on them. I encourage more people to look into the program, it has been so rewarding for me!”
— Weston York ’11 (Monterey County Sports Center, Volunteer)

“I love to work at the ‘Y’ because of the people. I check guests in and out and greet them warmly. The ‘Y’ is a gathering place for the community, and I like to be a part of that.”
— Stephen Guzman ’12 (Salinas YMCA)


“Above all, beg of him to give you the virtue of humility which is so necessary for religious in every station, but particularly for those who have the care and direction of others. If you only acquire this virtue, it will always guide you safely, let your paths be ever so cross or difficult.”


    • Palma students help with homework and provide inspiration to younger students at the L.I.F.E. Center.

      Palma students help with homework and provide inspiration to younger students at the L.I.F.E. Center.

Palma is a private, college-preparatory school for boys in grades 7 through 12 owned and operated by the Christian Brothers Institute of California. Palma School is dedicated to providing young men an excellent education in a Roman Catholic environment that embraces the Essential Elements of an Edmund Rice Christian Brother Education and challenges each individual to develop spiritually, intellectually, morally, physically, and socially.
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