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Diversity & Inclusion

As a community committed to the Christian values exemplified by the empathy, acceptance and charity of Blessed Edmund Rice, Palma endeavors to create a learning and social environment that is respectful, open-minded, and tolerant — a community that celebrates diversity and differences and actively works to end bullying and harassment.
Palma’s Diversity Club, established more than ten years ago as a partnership between students and faculty, is a critical part of diversity awareness on campus. A faculty member, the Diversity Moderator, oversees the club, however, student leaders take ownership of the mission of this important club and take an active role in promoting awareness and acceptance on campus. These leaders meet throughout the school year to plan workshops and special events for the student body. Every freshman attends a diversity workshop, which is directed by student leaders. This workshop provides a safe and confidential place to share with peers about the effects of discrimination and discuss positive ways to confront intolerance.

The culture on Palma’s campus transcends diversity to manifest an environment of inclusivity. Palma’s “team” attitude obscures boundaries and allows students to view fellow Chieftains as brothers. The healthy competitive spirit inherent in young men is exercised within the limits of camaraderie and good sportsmanship.

Nearly every race, ethnicity and religious background are represented on campus and coexist in an atmosphere of acceptance and respect. Reverence is taught and mandated as conduct necessary for a Chieftain.


“Each Brother is an open letter from Christ — a message written not with ink but in the Spirit of the living God, with a faithful human heart to carry it.”
    • Students place more focus on common interests and collective goals than what would separate them.

      Students place more focus on common interests and collective goals than what would separate them.

    • Palma’s Diversity Club.

      Palma’s Diversity Club.

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