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Palma extends its gratitude to the following donors for the generosity they extended in FY 22-23. Your recurring monthly support through our Cross & Shield program had a big impact on our school as their gifts went directly to the Palma Fund which enables us to invest in our students and respond to needs as they arose.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Alberts

Ashley & Luis Amaral ‘02

Anne & Casey Angle ‘91

Lucia & Michael Boggiatto

Martha (Bernasconi) ‘63 & Mark Botelho ‘63

Rebecca & Michael Castagnetto ‘94

Mr. Kevin Clancy

Marina Corona Montes & Jose Montes

Angie & Joseph Crivello ‘91

Yanne & Chris Dalman ‘88

Santi De La Paz

Matilde & Dick DeLuna ‘56

Juliette Garvin

John Gnosca ‘14

Sandra & Vicente Godoy

Noelle & Jared Gutierrez

Shelly & John Houseman

Richard Jufiar, Jr. ‘69

Melissa & Nick La Fountain ‘98

Yvonne & Edward Lomboy

Margaret & Charles Noroian

Steven Otero ‘07

Stephanie & Matt Ottone

Sara & Ryan Pollacci ‘02

The Quinlan Family

Rachelle & Thomas Razzeca

Michelle & Eric John Regalado

Lisa & Russell Regester

Cindy & Roger Rybkowski

Tammy & John Sanders

Kate & Adam Secondo ‘94

Katie & Tim Sitar ‘85

Bec & Drew Taylor ‘01

Rachel & T. Bruce Taylor ‘10

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If you don't see your name(s) above and believe that your FY22-23 donation(s) should be included in this category, please contact us. We're more than happy to double check our records and update this page accordingly.  Phone: 831.422.2309  Email:

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