In Memory Of

Gifts “In Memory Of” are a great way to provide a lasting tribute to others who have impacted our lives while also providing philanthropic support to our school. Palma gives thanks to the following individuals for their thoughtful kindness and generosity expressed during the 21-22 FY in memory of others.

Larry Angle

Michelle & Greg Beach

Judy & John Borchert ’62

Ms. Marilyn Borofka

Martha (Bernasconi) ’63 &
   Mark Botelho ’63

Mary & John Cain

Noel P Carr

Kay Collins

Norm Costa Family

Dennis Donovan

Phyllis Lane

Caryn Lynne Lucia

Diane & Mike Middaugh ’65


Robert Barich ’73

Barbara & Jim Fellini

Lynne & Michael Lauritson ’73


Jim Blowers

The Quinlan Family


Rolland J. Brown ’56

Linda (Costa) Brown ’56


Dora Buzo

Helen & Omero Cabrera


Dennis Caprara

Joan (Botelho) ’61 &
   Jim Scattini ’60


Steve Clayton

Rosamaria & Pablo Hernandez

Maryann & Steve Steinbach


Jim & Elva Dolan

Lynne & Michael Lauritson ’73


Ed Dowd

Martha (Bernasconi) ’63 &
   Mark Botelho ’63


Br. Patrick D. Dunne, C.F.C.

Jack Burlison ’15

Joey Burlison ’18

Kelli & Sal Cardinale

Mrs. Sharyl Currie

Gail & John Delorey

Kay Filice

Elizabeth & Harlan Grogin

Amanda & Michael Kong ’04

Deirdre D. & Melinda D. Lee

Marian & Manuel Martinez ’66

Carol Lee & James McGetrick

Kelly & Phillip Nicholson

Janet & Russell Ostarello ’70

Elizabeth & Chris Panetta

The Quinlan Family

Krista & Tom Sabaska

Brother Michael Segvich

The Simms Family

Maryann & Steve Steinbach

Emily & Jonathan Vorrath

Sandy Storm Fetter ’62

Ms. Joanne Nissen


Walter & Veronica Fletcher

Rose-Marie Browning &
   Michael Fletcher ’69


Louis Foletta

Joan (Botelho) ’61 &
   Jim Scattini ’60


Del Garlinger

Mary (Garlinger) ’64 &
   Mike McMahon


Angelo Gorgulho

Joan (Botelho) ’61 &
   Jim Scattini ’60


Br. John Hugh Greenan, C.F.C.

Mrs. Sharyl Currie


Robert Daniel Gutierrez

Rick Gutierrez ’71


Richard Gularte

Sharyl Currie


Bob Helfrich 

C.M. O’Neill

Rachel Beck


Chris Hitchcock ’77

Joanne & Kevin Castello

Pat Donohue ’74

Pete Hitchcock ’86


Katherine & Glen Holzhausen

Leslie & Gary Holzhausen


Chris Huttenhoff ’73

Lynne & Michael Lauritson ’73


Allan Johnson

Ruth Johnson


John Kelso

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Garvin


Judy Lanini

Vic Lanini


Peter & Edna Lauritson

Lynne & Michael Lauritson ’73


Shirley Lavorato

Mrs. Sharyl Currie


Casey Aaron Lee

John Gnosca ’14


Roy A. Martinez

Norm Costa Family

Marc Matock

Ingrid & Jerrett Stoffel ’94


Dennis McDougall ’70

Sharon & Earl McDougall ’64


Louie Modena

Joan (Botelho) ’61 &
   Jim Scattini ’60


Victor & Louise Molinari

Bonnie & John V. Molinari


Willie Muller

Sarah & John DeSantis


Alice Nunes

Bonnie Nielsen


Michael O’Connell ’71

Sheila and Allen Bengtson


Rita & Benny Orlando

Mary & Will White


Rodrigo Pena

Charlotte & Jesus Varela


Roger Pena

Charlotte & Jesus Varela


Bruce Petersen

Sandra Bruno & Sons


Angelo Pezzini

Margaret & Jim Scattini ’81


Ida & Frank Pomo

Vickie & Andy Pomo ’63


F.R. Posada

Angela Posada ’55


Ralph Rasmussen

Glenda Rasmussen


Fern and Clifford Reif

Nancy (Reif) ’61 & Vic Johnson


Richard Rhodes

Anne & William Bramers

Lori Giannini


Val Roberti

Mrs. Val Roberti


Marguerite N. Ross

Coach Angelo Ross, Jr.


Emilio Rossi

Connie Rossi

Todd Rubio

Mrs.Sharyl Currie

Daniel Jaramillo ’93


Thais Attinger Salmina

Judy & William Salmina ’58


Lucille & Luis Scattini

Joan (Botelho) ’61 &
   Jim Scattini ’60

Sara Scattini


Jenny Steinbech

Joan (Botelho) ’61 &
   Jim Scattini ’60

Beverly (Stolich) Holthouse ’59


Herman Steinbruner

Rochelle & Les Breschini

Rose Ferrasci

Sharon Haley


Jeff Taylor

Joan (Botelho) ’61 &
   Jim Scattini ’60


Jake Thorup ’67

Sheila and Allen Bengtson


Brian Trenner ’97

Stephanie & Donn Trenner


Philip Van Pelt

Beverly Van Pelt


John Van Ruler

Yanne & Chris Dalman ’88


Eugene Zanger

Annie & Gene Zanger ’80

Mrs. Pauline Zanger

If you don't see your name(s) above and believe that your FY21-22 donation(s) should be included in this category, please contact us. We're more than happy to double check our records and update this page accordingly. Send us an email or call 831.422.2309.

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