Mission Mexico

As it did with the rest of the world, COVID took its toll Palma’s International Immersion programs. Additionally, travel restrictions and international border crossing rules made the ability for our boys/leaders to serve abroad very challenging. This past June, Palma resumed its outreach into Mexico. Fourteen students and three adults served side-by-side from sun up to sun down and built a house for a family in need from the ground up in just four days. Palma, and the members of the Mission Mexico team, extend our gratitude to the donors who helped make all of this possible.

Click here to see an encapsulation of the trip.

Lisa Alioti

Sylvia Ramirez & Carlos Alvarado

Greg Andersen

Melissa & Doug Ayers

Ms. Jacqueline Balesteri

Melody & Jason Balestrieri

Michelle & Greg Beach

Terri & Andy Belleci

Rob Born

Susie & Ralph Bozzo

Amy & Peter Brown

Michelle & Jason Chisum

Leslie Buckalew

Joan & Robert Burlison ’74

Beth & Nicholas Cina

Rebecca Clifton

Carol & Gerald Cremers

Gina & Grant Cremers

David Edwards

Avril Ekstrand

Anna Eldredge

David Eldredge

Sally Eldredge

Deb & Dave Federico

Connie Fields

Jaime Garibay

Mario Garibay

Miguel Garibay

Mary Jo Golomeic

Lisa Nino-Guerra & Jeff Guerra ’92

Mr. & Mrs. Milton Guidotti

Amy & Matt Haas

Kelly & Roland Halcon

Joni & Dave Hentges

Catherine Horan

Ken Howat

Lynn Kennedy

Patrice Kinion

Kathleen Marsh

Marilyn Maxner

Keira Merkovsky

Jane & Matij Mirko

Karen Morgan

Kelly & Phillip Nicholson

Danielle & Robert Nino

Nino Real Estate

Nita & Tom Nino

Kristy & Tom Nunes ’95

Stephanie & Matt Ottone

Stacy Picciuto

Vickie & Andy Pomo ’63

Carol Rice

Mechanics Bank

Jackie & Mike Scott

Sea Otter Classic Foundation Inc.

Kate & Adam Secondo ’94

Laura Selin

Cristina Sierra

The Simms Family

Marina Plumbing & Heating

Ginger Steiner

Ingrid & Jerrett Stoffel

Kelly & Bryan Sutherland

Shawnell & Ronnie Thompson

Leslie & Jason Tracy

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