Scholarships provide our students an opportunity to showcase why they deserve to be awarded for their hard work, strong academics, selfless service to others, athletic talents or other skills/attributes necessary to apply for and earn a scholarship award. We thank the donors below — each of whom understands the importance of scholarships and also provides our school with the resources needed to be establish and continue to offer scholarship awards to our boys. 

Bengard Family Scholarship

Bangard Ranch


Br. Dunne Endowed Scholarship

Nicolas Anable ’04

Lucia & Michael Boggiato

Zuzzanne & Steve Broom

Kelli & Sal Cardinale

Alejandro Coatu ’00

Sheri & John Davidson ’88

Sarah & John DeSantis

Yolanda & Joseph Diaz

Sandra & Josef Gamper

Kristi & Nick Haas

Mary Jane & Bill Hatch

Christopher King ’01

Amanda & Michael Kong ’04

Deirdre Lee

Marian & Manuel Martinez ’66

Marta Martinez-Fife

Carol & James McGetrick

Marylu & David Mesa ’73

Giuseppina & Joe Piedimonte ’77

Judith & James Raible

Renate & Richard Soares

Lei Sun & Liwei Qiu

Rev. Leonard Walker & Mrs. Catherine Horan-Walker

Taylor Farms

CJB Donor Advised Fund

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program


Chris Hitchcock ’77 Memorial Scholarship

Pat Donohue ’74

Pete Hitchcock ’86


Coach Costa Memorial Scholarship

Kiana & Chad Amaral ’92

Anne & Casey Angle ’91

Martha (Bernasconi) ’63 & Mark Botelho ’63

C&C Property Management

Yolanda & Joseph Diaz

Jaclyn & John Fratangelo

John Gnosca ’14

Bay Federal Credit Union

Kristy & Tom Nunes ’95

Roger O’Sullivan

Coach Angelo Ross, Jr.

The Simms Family

Slaton & Son Roofing Inc.

Cheryl & Steve Sopher

Kim & Charles Tope ’91

Employnet Workforce Solutions


Conrad Family Scholarship

Sally & Jim Conrad


Father Victor Farrell Memorial Scholarship

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Shanley


Guerrero Family Scholarship

EBX Logistics Inc.

Hitchcock Family Scholarship

Alice & Mike Hitchcock


James Lyons Scholarship

Beverly Van Pelt


Joey Diaz Memorial Scholarship

Ronnie Alderete ’93

Kiana & Chad Amaral ’92

Ashley & Luis Amaral ’02

Amy & Matt Amaral ’92

Mendy & John Amaral, Jr. ’87

Rebecca & Michael Castagnetto ’94

Steve Clifton

Danette & Mark Crossgrove

Jacob Diaz

Ramon Gomez

Mary & Tim Griffin

Haselton, Haselton & Liddicoat

Casey Kelly ’93

Isabel Kenyon

Anthony Marquez

California Giant

Bill Moncovich

David Morris

Rossi Bros Tire & Auto Services

Cal Door and Drawer, Inc.

Stacy & David Sargenti ’93

Josie & Chris Seymour

Eric Short ’87

Erin & Josh Short ’93

Calvin M. Short Family

Rosa Valencia


Julia Christensen Endowed Scholarship

Julia Christensen Charitable Remainder Trust


Koster Family Scholarship

Lorri & Tom Koster


Lema Family Scholarship

Amy & Mark Lema ’87


Love & Honor Scholarship

Busch Family Foundation


Margaret Morisoli Memorial Scholarship

Debi & Jim Morisoli ’71

Stacy & David Sargenti ’93


Phoenix Alliance Scholarship

C.R.O.P. Foundation


Todd Rubio Memorial Scholarship

Sharyl Currie

Mashawn & Paul Werthmann


Van Ruler Family Scholarship

Tricia & Calvin Van Ruler

If you don't see your name(s) above and believe that your FY21-22 donation(s) should be included in this category, please contact us. We're more than happy to double check our records and update this page accordingly. Send us an email or call 831.422.2309.

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